The SiaM Project is supported using public funding by Arts Council England and proud to acknowledge the help and support of all of its partners, without whom none of this would be possible.

Arts Council England
The best inks, watercolours and markmaking tools supplied by: CultPens

Pioneer’s Compass Academy

Urbane Renaissance CIC

Collaborating Artists:
  • Bob Beagrie, Poet.  Bob has been a mentor and invaluable support through my poetic development. Bob’s critical input was to challenge and deliver the best of my poetic words for this project.


  • Theresa Easton is a Multi-disciplined artist with vast experience in print-making and book binding. Theresa’s assisted in developing the form and format of the exhibition.


  • Martin Hylton (Gateway Studios Project) Supported the performance art piece element. Rehearsal space and performance feedback. Martin also contributed the pictures taken in his studio.


  • Lord Richard MacLeod, Calligrapher, Photographer and Artist. Richard’s focussed on developing my digital photographic skills, exhibition photography and video editing.


  • Richard Neville, blog developer with extensive experience in the arts sector. Developed and managed the SiaM website and online marketing campaign.


  • Lubna Kiran, Recognised by the elite of Urdu poetry and has many poems published in English too. Completed authentic translation of the poetry written for the performance.
Venues & Partners:
  • Rhianne Dixon, The Beacon, Newcastle. The Beacon is a business centre with flexible workspace, office accommodation and creative units available for hire. They kindly hosted the first residency and access to a great studio space.
  • Shaban Qurban, Physical Impact Kickboxing Gym, Bradford. A gym run by my former Kickboxing coach and friend. Coach Shaban offered the space to run creative workshops with his young students and use the space to explore my practise.
  • Rizwan Iqbal, Love & Ettiqutte, Lancashire. A fellow University friend, Love & Etiquette hosted my residency and provided exhibition spaces in Lancashire.
  • Padma Rao, Makaan, South Tyneside. Has had a positive role in steering my artistic career to fruition, Padma has now established Makaan. An intimate and inspiring arts space that hosted SiaM and an open and intimate evening that launched SiaM.
  • Esen Kaya, Customs House, South Tyneside. Esen has been my arts mentor from the outset of my Artistic career. Esen assisted in reviewing the progress of SiaM. Customs House has been the host of my first solo exhibition.

Partners and Artists