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Day 2

Yesterday was a challenging day in trying to eke out an angle for exploration, however I did everything right. I think I can say that because of the journalling.  Last night when I reflected on my process, this morning was better for it.  Before I began my work today I did another journal entry before I began my work. I was confidently focused on my exploration today and some interesting new ideas. One of them involves plastic and a hot air gun.  (I’m going to need a well ventilated area for that one)

So really what I’m saying is, as a writer, I should be doing more of it, introspectively of course.

Going Public!

The residencies will be my chance to connect with you guys – and I am really looking forward to it! Click here for more information about the residencies and keep checking the latest residency news tab for updates.

Exhibiting signs of progress!

The dates are up for the SiaM exhibitions! They all take place between October and December 2014 across a range of venues and locations. Click here for the dates and keep checking the latest exhibition news posts for all the latest updates.


Stop the presses!

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for the SiaM Project, as I am going to be sending off my press release! Don’t be surpised if you see me in print, on screen, and hear me on your radio in the coming few weeks. A big thanks to everyone who has got me this far!